Leonardo da Vinci

With support from the Leonardo da Vinci programme, the Alexanderson Institute and Campus Varberg are giving students the opportunity to go abroad for transnational work placements. Over a period of two years, some 20 students will be able to work abroad for up to ten weeks. The programme aims to establish and bolster the competitiveness of the European labour market by helping European citizens acquire new skills, knowledge and qualifications – and have them recognized across borders.

The first students from the Purchase and Supply Management Programme leave for their work placement at Volvo 3P in Lyon, France, in October 2010. Furthermore, students from the Energy Technician/Wind Power Programme will be given the chance to work at Vattenfall in England and Vestas in Denmark, while students from the Product Development, Design and Marketing Programme can, for example, work at the retail consulting firm Creative Concepts Ltd in Brescia, Italy.  

The project leads to new contacts and knowledge, not only for the students but also for companies around Europe. The objectives of the Lifelong Learning’s sectoral programme Leonardo da Vinci is to:

  • Support participants in the acquisition and use of knowledge, skills and qualifications to facilitate personal development
  • Support improvements in quality and innovation in vocational education and training, systems, institutions and practices
  • Enhance the attractiveness of vocational education and training
  • Promote mobility for employers and employees. Facilitate the mobility of working trainees
Leonardo da Vinci Programme
21 480 EUR för perioden 2013–2014
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