The M_APP project, funded by the EU’s Lifelong Learning Programme aims to define the new skills learned by people during trips abroad, enabling them to be documented and then shared with others. The project started on January 1st, 2014 and will run until 31st of December 2015.

The project aim is to create a mobile device application (for smartphones or tablet PCs) which will help European adults to:

  • document what they have learned during a stay abroad
  • show how and when they have gained new skills
  • present these newly acquired skills to others

It is also to develop a recognition and accreditation procedure for two, out of the eight, European lifelong learning key competences :

  • learning to learn
  • social and civic competences

Both of these competences can be acquired during stays abroad. We believe that enabling this acquired knowledge to be accredited will help adults improve their employability and competitiveness on the labour market.

Lifelong Learning Programme – Grundtvig
Campus Lidköping/Campus Västra Skaraborg (SE)
  • Open Manufacturing Campus (BE)
  • Learnmark (DK)
  • Regionförbundet Östsam (SE)
  • Erhvervsraadet for Herning og Ikast Brande (DK)
  • Intercommunale Leiedal (BE)
€ 393 509
1 januari 2014 – 31 december 2015
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