Tillväxt Halland

The aim of Tillväxt Halland is contribute to prosperity. A methodology has been developed within the project to perform advanced analysis and give good advice to companies. In the long run, the activities will encourage a culture of innovation. It is a three-year project funded by EU / European Regional Development Fund as well as a partnership consisting of Region Halland, the municipalities in Halland, Högskolan Halmstad, Campus Varberg and Alexandersoninstitutet.

The partnership will:

  • Focus on companies in the environmental and energy sector, adventure industry, and the food and health technology sector.
  • Increase business innovation and development by increasing knowledge transfer between businesses.
  • Encourage development projects for market, product and process development as well as internationalization.
  • Create new growth companies such as spin-offs from existing companies.
  • Develop quality assurance systems.
  • Use design as a tool for the development of successful businesses.
  • Stimulate cooperation between teaching- and research groups and the business world, for the benefit of the companies as well as better quality in education.
  • Compare the performance of the innovation system with similar projects in Sweden and internationally.

Halland is known for its varied economy and many small businesses. There is a strong entrepreneurial spirit, good profitability and growth. However, there is also a lack of knowledge- intensive companies and an exchange with colleges and the wider community. Because knowledge is a key driver in creating competitiveness, Tillväxt Halland is providing six local business developers to liaise with an equal number of educational co-ordinators at colleges and vocational schools. Providing access to student knowledge has been done before, but what sets this initiative apart is that the business developers will approach companies and perform a needs analysis. This way, more enterprises will come into contact with higher education.

Europeiska regionala utvecklingsfondens stödprogram för Västsverige
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